Teaching Colors to Young Kids

We focus on the basic colors to help kids in preschool and kindergarten in their learning. Many of the worksheets include practicing reading, tracing and printing color words in learning about specific colors.

Learn the colors practice

These worksheets are a great introduction to learning colors. Students are asked to trace and print the color words, as well as circle objects of the denoted color.

Learn the colors worksheet

Connect the color to its name

Here, students match colors to their words.

Colors to names worksheets

Worksheets to practice matching objects to colors

Like the above set of worksheets, students now match colored objects to their words.

Learn the colors worksheet

Sorting colors worksheets

These sorting worksheets have students cut out objects and sort them by color.

Cut out objects and match to colors worksheets

Match and write colors practice

Students match objects of the same color and write the color words in these worksheets.

Match and write colors worksheets

Read the words and color the objects

Each object has the words of colors written inside them and students are asked to color each object the correct color.

Color the objects worksheets

Coloring pages

Similar to a “paint by numbers”, these worksheets contain a legend of letters for each color to color the page.

Coloring pages worksheets 

Write sentences and colors the objects

These worksheets are more challenging. Students trace a sentence, read the sentence and follow the coloring instruction.

Read the sentence and color worksheets