Christmas Coloring Pages

We’ve created eight fun coloring pages: the first six are easier and the last two are more intricate. Let us show you the pages.

Smiling snowman

Complete with a carrot for a nose, this cute snowman needs some color.

Snowman coloring page

Gorgeous gingerbread house

For those of you with a sweet tooth, add some sparkle to this house.

Gingerbread house page

Girl gnome

This little gnome needs some color, ... and a haircut.

Gnome coloring page

Cozy fireplace

Time to make this fire crackle and pop with beautiful colors.

Fireplace coloring page

Light the lantern

Light the candle and make this lantern bright.

Lantern coloring page

Glowing snow globe

Imagine the colors sparkling as you shake this snow globe.

Snow globe coloring page

Ornate decoration

This ornament will keep you busy – for a long time.

Ornate decoration coloring page

Santa’s in the house

If you have more time to spare, this happy occasion needs some red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown, pink colors, and more.

Santa coloring page


We wish you a Happy Holiday Season!