Anagrams for Kids

What’s an anagram?

An anagram is a word or phrase that you spell by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The only rule is that all the letters from the original word need to be used for the new word.

For example:

Cat – act

Are – ear

Meal for one – for me alone

Schoolmaster - the classroom

Why are anagrams useful for kids to learn?

Students who work on anagrams learn spelling and spelling patterns of words.

Some common anagram words

Here’s a list of common anagrams that you can review with your child:

act - cat

aide - idea

are - ear

arm - ram

beak - bake

below - elbow

best - bets

binary - brainy

blow - bowl

brag - grab

cafe - face

car - arc

care - race

charm - March

chin - inch

cried - cider

desserts - stressed

diary - dairy

earth - heart

fast - fats

fired - fried

flow - wolf

grab - brag

glean - angel

heater - reheat

iced - dice

impart - armpit

keen - knee

lamp - palm

limped - dimple

listen - silent

meat - team

meteor - remote

nap - pan

night - thing

note - tone

ours - sour

pat - tap

pear - reap

rat - tar

robed - bored

sink - skin

slip - lips

snails - nails

spots - stops

study - dusty

tan - ant

taste - state

thicken - kitchen

thing - night

top - pot

vase - save

votes - stove

wand - dawn

waits - waist

was - saw

who - how

won - now

wrap - warp

yap – pay

Some common anagram phrases

These common anagrams phrases are fun to learn:

a decimal point - I’m a dot in place

a gentleman - elegant man

an aisle – is a lane

anagram - nag a ram

astronomer - moon starer

coins kept - in pockets

conversation - voices rant on

debit card - bad credit

dormitory - dirty room

hot water - worth tea

meal for one - for me alone

mummy - my mum

older and wiser - I learned words

restaurant – runs a treat

schoolmaster - the classroom

signature - a true sign

slot machines - cash lost in 'em

Statue of Liberty – built to stay free

sweep the floor - too few helpers

the countryside - no city dust here

the detectives - detect thieves

the eyes - they see

the Morse Code – here come dots

the public art galleries – large picture halls, I bet

Valentine poem – pen mate in love

vacation time - I am not active

video game - give a demo

young lady - an old guy