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K5 Improves Spelling Worksheets Section

We know how critical spelling is for elementary students to develop their language skills. Many of you search our spelling pages for free worksheets to help complement your children’s spelling needs. However, our worksheet section needed some improvements in navigation to help you find the worksheets you want more easily.

We’ve spent some time doing just that and here’s the result.

New spelling section page

When you arrive at our spelling section, you can now search by grade.

spelling homepage

New grade-level spelling pages show examples

Once you select a grade, you’ll see a new page with the selection of spelling worksheets for that grade displaying examples of each worksheet, making it easier to select the kind of worksheet you are looking for. Here’s what the grade 2 spelling page looks like:

grade 2 spelling page

Spelling exercise pages provide PDF versions of worksheets

Let’s say you like the look of the first set of worksheets: identify the spelling words. Click on either of the two links or the picture and you’ll get to the page of worksheets for that exercise. Here you’ll find a picture of each worksheets and links to 6 versions of that spelling exercise. All our spelling worksheets have a second answer page.

spelling exercise page 
There you have it. All our spelling worksheets pages for grade 1 to 5 now follow this new navigation. We hope this will make it easier for you to find the spelling exercises you need.