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New Kindergarten Math Worksheets and Improved Navigation

A while ago we told you about the updates and new worksheets we added to our Kindergarten reading section. We have now completed similar updates and added more worksheets to our Kindergarten simple math and other activities sections.

Let’s give you a tour.

Improved navigation of kindergarten pages

Just like the Kindergarten reading section, we have segmented the topic areas into separate pages. So now, when you come to our Kindergarten math page, you’ll see this:

Kindergarten math homepage
This page not only give you a good overview of the sub-categories of worksheets available, but also provides an easier way to navigate to the area you are interested in. Say you are interested in graphing – which happens to be one of our new categories of worksheets.

Here’s what the graphing worksheets page looks like:

kindergarten graphing
Just like the reading section, we provide examples of what the exercises look like to give you a better overview of the worksheets. Before, you’d have to go to each page of worksheets to get an overview, but now you’ll have to click less to find the worksheets you want.

Let’s say you are interested in the third set of worksheets: reading bar graphs. You’ll click on the link to this page and you get to this page:

kindergarten bar graphs worksheets
The intent with this new layout is to make it easier and faster for you to navigate and find the worksheets you are looking for.

Kindergarten other activities worksheets

You’ll see we have done the same for our other activities worksheets. The main page for those worksheets looks like this:

kindergarten other activities page
Now, all that remains is to continue adding more worksheets to our kindergarten section. If there are any worksheets you would like to see, please let us know?