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K5 Adds Worksheets on How to Join Cursive Letters

Cursive writing is tough for younger students. Once your child has learned how to write individual cursive letters, it’s hard to move straight onto writing entire cursive words. So we’ve added a new section – a middle step, so to say - that helps students grasp how to join two individual letters. We’ve created a page of the most common letter joins with individual worksheets for each.

They are as follows:

Joining cursive letters at the bottom, such as ch or kn.
ch letter join

Joining c-shaped cursive letters at the bottom, such as ng and ea.
ng letter joins
Joining a letter from the bottom to the letter ‘e’, such as be or se.
se letter join

Joining  a letter from the top to the letter 'e', such as oe or we.
oe letter join

Joining two letters at the top, such as oa or op.
oa letter join

We hope you find these worksheets of good use.