Introducing 2D Shapes

How do you explain 2D shapes to kids?

Explaining 2D shapes to kids can be done in a simple and engaging way using visuals, everyday objects, and hands-on activities. Here's a step-by-step approach:

Introduce the concept

Start by explaining that 2D shapes are flat shapes that have two dimensions: length and width. 2D shapes can be drawn on a piece of paper or a flat surface.

Show examples Show examples

Show your kids various examples of 2D shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons. Use colorful pictures or real-life objects to illustrate each shape.

Name and describe shapes

Teach your kids the names of each shape and describe their characteristics.

Circle: a round shape with no corners and all points on the boundary equidistant from the center.

Square: a shape with four equal sides and four right angles.

Triangle: a shape with three sides and three angles.

Rectangle: a shape with two pairs of equal and parallel sides and four right angles.

Pentagon: a shape with five sides and five angles.

Hexagon: a shape with six sides and six angles.

Explore properties

Encourage your kids to identify the properties of each shape. For example, they can count the number of sides and corners, describe the angles, and compare the shapes based on their attributes.

Engage in hands-on activities

Provide opportunities for young students to explore 2D shapes through hands-on activities. This could include:

Tracing shapes with their fingers on paper or using tactile materials like clay or playdough.

Sorting objects based on their shapes.

Creating art projects using different 2D shapes.

Going on a shape hunt around a room or outdoors, looking for shapes in the environment.

Reinforce learning through play

Incorporate games and interactive activities to reinforce learning. For example:

Shape bingo: Create bingo cards with different 2D shapes and have kids match them to objects or pictures.

Shape matching: Provide cards with shapes and corresponding names, and have kids match them together.

Simon says: Give commands like "Simon says touch the square" or "Simon says find something that's shaped like a circle."

2D shapes worksheets for grade 2 students

In our grade 2 geometry section we have a page on learning the basic properties of 2D shapes, composing and decomposing 2D shapes, and the congruency and symmetry of 2D shapes.

Identifying 2D shapes

In these worksheets students identify different 2D shapes.

identifying 2D shapes


Practice edges and vertices

Next students practice identifying the properties of 2D shapes.

Edges and vertices worksheets


Composing rectangles from squares

Students practice composing and decomposing rectangles from squares in these worksheets.

composing rectangles from squares worksheets


Learn about parts of a whole

These worksheets are a basic introduction to fractions where students learn about the parts of shapes.

Parts of a whole worksheets


Congruent shapes worksheets

Students practice identifying congruent shapes.

Congruent shapes worksheets


Drawing lines of symmetry

In these worksheets, students draw lines of symmetry in shapes.

Lines of symmetry worksheets
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