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Elementary school children can benefit greatly from a consistent program of after school study. K5 was specifically designed to support after-school learning.

K5 Learning's award winning lessons are research based and aligned with national education standards.  Our animated, highly interactive after school curriculum builds reading, math and study skills. Check out reviews from other users.

We offer a 14-day free trial (no obligations, no credit card) giving full access to our complete after school learning program The free trial includes free online assessments of your child’s math and reading skills.

Kids work at skill level, not grade level

We recommend that students complete our free online reading and math assessments Each child is then placed in the lessons according to their skills, not their grade levels.  A child may be placed at an early grade 3 level in phonics and a mid-grade 1 level in geometry, or vice versa.

Kids proceed at their own pace

Classrooms move too slowly for many kids; too fast for others.  On K5's after school program kids proceed through curricula based material at their own pace.

A practical homework program for busy families.

K5 Learning: online reading and math afterschool program

Time can be tight during the school year. Kids schedules fill up with activities. Parents are busy. K5 Learning makes it easy to help your kids fulfill their academic potential during these months.

It works, because the system is both convenient and efficient:

  • no time spent organizing, teaching or driving; K5 is a complete at-home system
  • no schedules to adhere to; K5 is always ready and waiting
  • no time wasting; after signing on, K5 students get right to the learning
  • no need for mom or dad to supervise; K5 kids work independently

Whether it’s right after school, after the game, before playtime, TV or dinner, it’s our belief that every kid should commit 10-30 minutes (depending on age) 3-5 days a week to independent study.

After school reading program

Our kindergarten through grade 5 after school reading curriculum covers 5 key skill areas:

Phonemic Awareness – identifying and working with individual sounds in spoken words.

Phonics – understanding the relationships between written letters and spoken sounds.

Sight Words – recognizing high frequency words to increase reading fluency.

Vocabulary - expansion of vocabulary and construction of meaning from a word's context.

Reading Comprehension – developing a variety of reading strategies with the larger goal of strong comprehension.

After school math program

Our after school math curriculum covers 5 key skill areas:

Numbers and Operations – elementary school arithmetic from simple counting through fractions and beyond.

Measurement – measurement concepts, including telling time and counting money.

Geometry – characteristics and properties of geometric shapes.

Algebra - patterns, relations, functions, use of models and algebraic symbols.

Data Analysis - collecting, organizing, displaying and analyzing data

Students work independentlyK5 Awards

K5 minimizes the burden on parents. Point and click interfaces and repeated spoken instructions allow kids as young as 4 to use K5 Learning independently.

Kids don’t watch, they interact

The lessons are highly interactive, continually prompting the student to respond. This is critical in maintaining children’s focus and generating positive learning outcomes.

Afterschoolers can create custom lesson assignments (if they want to)

Normally, lessons on K5 are automatically chosen by the system based on your child’s needs. K5 students cannot choose lessons at an inappropriate level or continue to repeat ‘fun’ lessons that they have already mastered.

Some parents also use our assignments feature to assign specific lessons to their children at any time.

Full instruction, not just quizzes

Many afterschoolers want their kids to be working ahead of their class at school.  All of our lessons start with a full interactive tutorial so kids can learn new materials, not just practice what they have learned elsewhere. Tutorials are followed by practice sessions and finally a quiz.

Feedback is immediate

K5 Learning lets your child know right away when they get something right or wrong. Kids remember better and are more motivated when they receive immediate feedback.

Bite-sized lessons provide flexibility in your homework program

Lessons are broken into 5-10 minute segments so that study sessions can be short and flexible. Kids learn better with short but frequent study sessions.

Parents get reports

Parents can access comprehensive reports on their child’s progress at any time.

What is K5?

K5 Learning offers reading and math worksheets, workbooks and an online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5.

In our online program, kids work at their own level and their own pace through a personalized curriculum of reading and math lessons; each lesson is accompanied by customized printable worksheets for further study.

 K5 helps your children build good study habits and excel in school. 

Free trial

We offer a 14-day free trial of our online program. The free trial includes free reading and math assessments.

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