Writing Opportunity

Writing Opportunity for Children's Workbooks 

We are looking for writers to contribute short fiction and non-fiction texts (300-1,500 words) for elementary age children.  Opportunity for writers to work with K5 Learning

Stories need to be fun, interesting and wholesome.  Texts need to correlate to particular reading levels; we provide guidelines in this regard.

The project does not include any formatting, graphic design or illustrations; just the creation of original texts and a few appropriate exercises to go with them.

Writers should have flawless grammar and good attention to detail.  Experience or interest in children's writing would be helpful.  Students in creative writing programs are welcome to apply.

Writers are paid on a per story basis; timelines are flexible.  

About K5 Learning

K5 Learning provides reading and math materials online for kindergarten to grade 5 students.

If you are interested .....

Please email us at writers@k5learning.com and

  • state any relevant experience (e.g. children's writing, teaching)
  • attach a sample of your writing.