Created for busy families

We designed K5 Learning as a practical tool for busy families.  With our program you can provide your child with high quality reading and math enrichment without spending hours organizing home study or driving to a tutoring center.

Designed principally for after school use and summer study, K5 is also used by homeschoolers, preschoolers, special needs students and gifted kids.

Using K5 Learning is easy for parents

We organize the study process so that you don’t have to. K5 selects and gives the lessons to your child and provides reports for parents.  

No hassles and no worriesIt is so easy to use, even my 4 year old can sit and do a lesson or two while I work.  It's a good feeling knowing he is in the next room actually learning something.

  • nothing to download, install or set up. The program is 100% web-based and ready to go
  • completely safe: no adds, no commercial messages, no external links, no chat

Watching sponges at work

Kids can absorb a lot when given the chance. The key is to give them the right structure and let them progress at their own pace. It’s a great feeling to see you child working out a problem all on their own. Will they ever need your help? Sure. On occasion kids will get stuck on a concept, and it’s your job to help the light go on. Enjoy witnessing the ‘Aha!’ moment.


Is your child ready to try K5? If he can click a mouse, follow simple oral instructions or has played computer games he should have no problem. Many 4-year-olds have used the K5 Math and K5 Reading programs, and our assessment will place your child at an appropriate level in these programs. K5 Spelling is best for kids who have begun reading and have good phonics development – typically late grade 1 or early grade 2. Not sure? Just try the 14-day free trial.

Frequent shorter study sessions are better

Kids’ attention spans are short. Research shows that frequent study sessions are better than longer ones. K5 is designed to break lessons into small pieces. For example, a Grade 2 student may spend 20 minutes on K5 in a day. However, that 20 minutes may be comprised of a K5 Math tutorial, a K5 Reading quiz and a K5 Spelling test. The fast pace and variety of content helps kids maintain interest and focus. A K5 session for a 4 or 5 year old can be as little as 5 minutes – one lesson segment.