Created for busy families

We designed K5 Learning as a practical tool for busy families.  Using our free reading, math and science worksheets and inexpensive workbooks your child can practice topics they are grappling with or work ahead for enrichment. 

Designed principally for after school use and summer study, K5 is also used by homeschoolers, preschoolers, special needs students and gifted kids.


Using K5 Learning is easy for parents

We've organized the worksheets and workbooks by grade and topic to make it easy to find the exact worksheet or workbook you are looking for.  

Free worksheets from K5 Learning


No hassles and no worries

  • no need to register for free worksheets. Easy to print PDF files.
  • easy to download workbooks to save on your computer for future use


Watching sponges at work

Kids can absorb a lot when given the chance. The key is to give them the right structure and let them progress at their own pace. It’s a great feeling to see you child work out a problem all on their own. Using our free worksheets, students can easily hone their skills on reading, math and science topics at home. For more practice, our inexpensive workbooks provide further examples for your kids to work through.


Frequent shorter study sessions are better

Kids’ attention spans are short. Research shows that frequent study sessions are better than longer ones. K5 suggests parents break down study sessions into small pieces. For example, a Grade 2 student may spend 15 minutes on a math topic and a further 15 minutes on a reading topic in a day. 

Frequent breaks allow students to absorb the topics learned better than if they were studying for longer periods where they lose focus.