Linking Instructions

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We encourage bloggers and website owners to join our referral program, where they can earn commissions by telling people about K5 Learning. More information and a sign-up form are available here.

Linking Instructions

Participants in the referral program can link to us either through text links or linked images.  In either case we highly recommend that you add the following code onto the end of every URL which links to us:


where partnername = your website name


so, if your website is, and you are linking to our home page, then the link URL would be:


or, if you are linking to our sample lessons page, the link URL would be:

What does this do?

Adding this extra bit of code will help us identify that a new subscriber to K5 originally visited us from your site.  The method is not foolproof, but should work for all visitors with cookies enabled in their browser (which is the vast majority of people).

Buttons, Badges and Banners

You can find our buttons, badges and banners here.