Synonyms & Antonyms Worksheets

Free synonyms and antonyms worksheets

Words that have the same meaning are synonyms; antonyms are "opposites". These worksheets introduce synonyms and antonyms to kids, as well as giving practice in reading individual words and helping to build vocabulary.  They compliment our online vocabulary lessons

Match the synonyms

Kindergarden matching synonyms worksheet exercise

These matching synonym worksheets help familiarize students with some common synonyms.  Students are asked to draw a line between the synonym pairs.


Write the synonyms

Writing synonyms exercises

These writing synonyms worksheets ask students to write the synonym of the word shown; a word bank is provided.  This is a vocabulary exercise but also provides printing practice.


Unscramble the words to find the synonym

Kindergarden unscramble synonyms worksheet exercise

In these synonym worksheet with word scrambles students are asked to unscramble a word to find the synonym of a given word.  A fun vocabulary and printing exercise.


Match the antonyms

Kindergarten matching antonyms worksheet exercise

These matching antonym worksheets introduce antonyms (or "opposites") to students, who are asked to match pairs of antonyms.


Write the antonyms

Writing antonyms worksheets

In these writing antonym worksheets students are given a word and asked to print its antonym or opposite.  A word bank is provided.


Unscramble the antonyms

Unscrambling antonyms worksheets

These antonym worksheets with word scrambles provide pairs of antonyms with the letters of the second word scrambled.  Students must unscramble and print the antonym.


Identify synonyms and antonyms

Matching synonyms and antonyms worksheets

In these synonym and antonym worksheets students are given groups of words and asked to identify which words are synonyms and which are antonyms. Combining synonyms and antonyms in the same exercise helps reinforce the meaning of both.


Writing synonyms and antonyms

Writing synonyms and antonyms worksheets

For each given word in these writing synonyms and antonyms worksheets students must write both a synonym and an antonym.  A word bank is provided.

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