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A focused audience

K5 reaches thousand of parents of elementary-age kids every day through our website, our newsletter and social media.

Advertising opportunities on K5 Learning are targeted at:

  • parents with children between kindergarten and grade 5;
  • elementary school teachers;
  • homeschoolers.

Our advertising is targeted at parents, not children.  We do not have any advertising on the student portions of the website.

Site Statistics (2016)K5 Learning Ad Placement Screenshot

  • Visits: over 1.4 million visits per month
  • Pageviews: over 6 million per month
  • 70% of our visitors are from the U.S.; 12% from Canada and 18% from the Rest of the World.
  • Newsletter with over 125,000 subscribers

Worksheet Pages Advertising

We make free math and reading worksheets available to visitors on our site. There are over 100 pages organized by grade level and subject matter. These pages receive in total over 100,000 page views a day.

  • Only two ads per page.
  • Ad format #1: Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600
  • Ad format #2: Large Rectangle  336 x 280

Newsletter Advertising

Subscribers to the K5 Newsletter (sample) are parents of kids who have completed a 14-day free trial of K5's reading and math program.  The newsletter is managed through MailChimp and follows the CAN-SPAM Act

  • Over 125,000 subscribers;
  • Parents of kids in kindergarten to grade 5;

Dedicated Email Blast:  Dedicated email making a special offer to K5 Subscribers. 

Giveaways / Contests / Other

We occasionally do promotional giveaways or contests and we are also happy to consider various other types of advertising formats, promotions or cross-promotions through our website, blog or newsletter, as long as the content of the ad/promotion is relevant to our readers.


  • No gambling, adult or non-family orientated materials;
  • All purchases are paid by Paypal or credit card and are non-refundable.
  • All pricing subject to change at any time.

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