Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Free Printable Worksheets for Reading Comprehension

Use these free, printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension.

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Reading Worksheets - Leveled

These grade 5 reading comprehension worksheets are taken from a series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z, according to the Fountas and Pinnell grading system.  The full workbooks are available for download from our bookstore from only $2.49 / book.

Free Worksheet Reading Level In store
Cesar Chavez T
Level T workbook
Alternative Energy Sources T
Level T workbook
Unicorn, a Mythical Creature U
Level U workbook
Mount Rushmore U
Level U workbook
Earthquakes and Tsunamis V
Level V workbook
Sustainable Energy Sources W/X
Level W/X workbook
The Ice Age Y  Level Y workbook






More Reading Worksheets:

Each historical passage or fable is followed by four questions.  Questions for grade 5 students focus on prediction, inference and character traits.

I Will Think of It       Non-fiction, 435 words

Bruce and the Spider       Fiction, 380 words

A Ship in a Storm      Non-fiction, 530 words

Susie and Rover         Fiction, 580 words

The Story of Regulus      Fiction, 660 words

Humming Birds          Non-fiction,  300 words

Horatius at the Bridge     Fiction, 720 words

Harry and Annie     Fiction, 330 words

The Fairy Tree    Fiction, 800 words

Sennin the Hermit     Fiction, 560 words

The Bonfire in the Sea   Fiction, 740 words

Queen Hulida and the Flax,   Fiction,  640 words

Little Red Riding Hood,   Fiction, 590 words

Recommended Workbooks

Browse our bookstore where we sell downloadable workbooks. The workbooks contain both instruction and exercises, with answer keys, and are organized into short topical sections. Ideal for independent or parent led-studying, in our opinion.

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