6th Grade Math Worksheets: Percents

Percents worksheets from K5 Learning

These worksheets provide practice in common calculations involving percents; each topic has multiple worksheets associated with it.





Change decimals to percents and vice versa
  0.65 = ___%
Change decimals to percents and vice versa (including over 100%)
  1.54 = ___ %
Find percentages of numbers - easy, percents are multiples of ten
  70% of 80 =
Find percentages of numbers - percentages over 100%
  500% of 40 =
Find percentages of numbers - medium, percents are multiples of ten
  30% of 44 =
Find percentages of decimal numbers
  60% of 9.59 =
Find percentages of numbers - harder   93% of 21 =

Find how many percent a number is of another   60 = ___% of 65
Find percentages of number  - missing number   70% of ___ = 56


Grade 6 Percents Worksheet

Sample Grade 6 Percents Worksheet

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