3rd Grade Math Worksheets: Order of Operations

Order of operations worksheets from K5 Learning

These worksheets provide practice in the basic rules for the order in which arithmetic operations are performed.  The emphasis is on re-enforcing that operations within parenthesis are performed prior to operations outside of parenthesis, and that multiplications are done prior to additions or subtractions.  There is no use of exponents in these questions.  These grade 3 order of operations worksheets complement our online math program.

Order of Operations



  Add / subtract with parenthesis - three numbers
 3 + (3 + 13) =
  Add / subtract with parenthesis - four numbers 10 + (25 - 8) - 3 =
  Add / subtract with parenthesis - five numbers 33-9+40-(30+15) =
  Add / subtract with parenthesis - six numbers 33-9+40+25-(30+15) =
  Add / subtract / multiply with no parenthesis 7 + 4 X 4 - 10 =
  Add / subtract / multiply with parenthesis 4 + 3 X (4 + 10) =
  Add / subtract / multiply with parenthesis: five numbers  3+21*6+(24-4) =
  Add / subtract / multiply with parenthesis: six numbers
 3+21*6+(24-4) x 2 =

Grade 3 Order of Operations Worksheet




Sample Grade 3
Order of Operations Worksheet


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