Kindergarten Reading Curriculum

Sample lesson - kindergarten: sight words. Practice reading sight words with Reba Rabbit.

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Kindergarten: Sight words.  Practice reading sight words with Reba Rabbit.

Kindergarten reading lessons online

Our kindergarten reading lessons cover the following topics:

Phonemic Awareness – identifying, isolating, manipulating, adding, blending, categorizing and deleting phonemes (individual sounds) in spoken words.

Phonics - learning the alphabet, the concept of letters and words, consonant sounds and vowel sounds.

Sight Words - recognizing and using kindergarten-level sight words with narrated text and pictures.

Vocabulary – recognizing and using kindergarten vocabulary words including colors, directions, positions, family members, animals, pets, days, seasons, etc. Relating words to their ‘opposites’ and sorting objects into categories.

Reading Comprehension – Introducing various reading comprehension concepts including ‘main idea, ‘main character’, ‘setting’, and ‘cause and effect’ using pictures, picture books, fairy tales and read aloud stories. Introduction to drawing conclusions, understanding sequencing, distinguishing fantasy from reality and fact vs. fiction and making predictions.

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