1st Grade Math Worksheets: Place Value

Grade 1 place value worksheets

Our grade 1 place value worksheets help students to build an understanding of our base 10 number system.  Our grade one worksheets focus on 2 digit numbers (numbers less than 100).  These place value worksheets complement our grade 1 base 10 block worksheets.

Our pdf worksheets are free to download and print.  Their are 6 different versions of each type of worksheet.  Each worksheet has an answer key on the second page.

Identifying Place Value - Tens & Ones

The student is given a 2 digit number and is asked to identify the number of "tens" and the number of "ones".Grade 1 Place Value worksheet - Identifying Place Value Sample

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A1

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A2

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A3

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A4

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A5

Identifying Place Value Worksheet  A6

Combining Tens & Ones

The student combines a given number of "tens" and number of "ones" to form a 2-digit number.

Grade 1 Place Value Worksheet - Combining place value sample

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B1

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B2

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B3

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B4

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B5

Combining Place Value Worksheet  B6

Identifying a digit's place value

The student is given a two-digit number and identifies the place value of the underlined digit.

Digits Place Value Sample Worksheet question

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C1

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C2

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C3

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C4

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C5

Digit Place Value Worksheet  C6

More place value worksheets:

The pages below have additional place value worksheets appropriate for grade 1 students.   Activities include rounding and changing back and forth between "expanded form" and "normal form" for two digit numbers.

Place Value Example
Build a two-digit number from tens and ones 70 + 5 =
Build a two-digit number from tens and ones - missing addend 69 = ___ + 60
Round numbers to the nearest ten 28
Write numbers in expanded form  (2 digit numbers) 57= 5*10 + 3*7
Write numbers in normal form  (2 digit numbers) 5*10 + 3*7 = 37

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