What is K5?

Video tour of K5 LearningK5 Learning is an online after-school study program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5.  We build reading, math and study skills.   Watch our Intro Video, read our reviews and check out our awards.

K5 includes 4 reading and math programs

K5 Reading helps kids become strong readers and develop a love of reading. This award-winning program covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

K5 Math is an award-winning program which builds self confidence and a deep understanding of math concepts. K5 Math covers numbers and operations, geometry, measurement (including time and money), algebraic thinking and data analysis.

K5 Spelling is an advanced vocabulary program which improves language skills one word at a time. We feature adaptive instruction, automatic word generation, an optimized visual interface, and a 150,000+ word database.

K5 Math Facts uses adaptive technology to help kids develop instant recall of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Progress on each and every math fact is monitored until mastery is obtained.

We customize our program for each student

Benchmark your child’s reading and math skills

  • 8 key skills assessed online.

Trust in a program that is personalized for your child

  • Lessons are based on our skills assessment, not age.
  • 24/7 availability; 100% web based

Watch your child excel

  • Kids work independently
  • Parents get progress reports

For your child

Develop study habits early

K5 kids learn to focus and work independently.

Progress at own pace

K5 allows kids to progress, unrestrained and un-pressured.

For busy parents

A ready-made program

K5 organizes, instructs, and quizzes your child and provides reports to you.

K5 kids work independently

We use simple interfaces, spoken instructions and bite sized lessons.

Total safety

No ads, no chat, & no external links.


100% online. No downloads and nothing to install.

Award winning content

Over 3,000 tutorials and activities

Our content is award-winning, research-based and aligned with national standards.

Personalized learning

We personalize our program to each child’s skills, not their age or grade level.

Full instruction, not just ‘review’

We provide full instruction, allowing kids to tackle topics they have not seen before.

Interactive learning

Kids don’t watch our lessons, they interact with them through our animated 'role model' characters.

Learning not “edutainment”

Our priority is developing reading, math and study skills.


4 programs, 1 price

K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Spelling and K5 Math Facts all included for one price.

Unlimited use of 4 programs

Monthly subscription

First child..........................$14.95

Additional children..............$ 9.95

Annual subscription

First child..........................$119

Additional children..............$ 79

14-day Free Trial Offer!

- no obligation

- no credit card needed

- free math and reading assessments

- 14 days of free lessons