Tips on Assessment

What is the assessment used for ?

K5 uses the assessment data to estimate your child's skills in 8 different areas.  Following the assessment, your child will be automatically placed into our lessons at those assessed skill levels.

The assessments are just a series of questions in different skill areas.  Correct answers lead to harder questions.  Incorrect answers lead to easier questions.  There are a few breaks and games along the way to break the monotony.

4 Important Tips for the Assessments

Don’t help your child with the answers
Some questions are supposed to be ‘too hard’. That’s how the assessment works.

Keep your child focused
The assessment is far longer (25-40 minutes) and far more challenging than a normal lesson. Don’t let your child start clicking through pages without trying his best.

Take a break anytime
Just click on the “X” in the right corner. When the student resumes, even days later, the assessment will automatically restart where the student stopped.

Do the Reading and Math Assessments Separately
It’s too much to do all at one sitting.

How to setup an assessment ?

  1. Login to your parent account; this brings you to the Parent Dashboard
  2. Click on the Setup Assessments tab.
  3. Choose which assessments (reading and/or math) for which kids and submit the form.

The assessment will be ready for your child immediately.


How do we start the Reading and Math Assessments?

  1. After you have setup the assessment log yourself out and  log your child in.
  2. On the Student Home Page click on the ‘Reading and Math' icon.
  3. Click on 'Start Assessment'.

How do we get the Assessment Reports

A summary of the assessment report is emailed to the parent immediately after the assessment is completed.  Assessment Reports are also available through the Parent Dashboard.

To retrieve a report:

  1. On the Parent Dashboard click ‘View Reports’ besides your child’s name.
  2. Click on ‘View more detailed math and reading reports’.
  3. Choose a date range that includes the date of the assessment, select your child’s name and click on any report to open it. The assessment reports are given at the bottom of the page.