Lessons & Levels

Lessons are selected automatically 

In K5 Reading and K5 Math, lessons are selected automatically based on each child's grade level, past lessons and assessments (if done).  This ensures that kids progress in a logical manner and don't just do "fun" lessons or repeat lessons they have already mastered.  Parents can also make assignments for their kids.

Lesson Levels

Lessons are divided into

  • 5 reading skill areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension), and
  • 3 math skill areas (numbers & operations, geometry and measurement). 

Initially, kids are placed at their nominal grade level in each skill area.  If students complete an assessment, their placements are automatically adjusted to their assessed levels.

Our K5 Reading - Lesson Guide and K5 Math - Lesson Guide provide an overview of the material covered in each skill area at each grade level.

Lessons are too easy or too hard ?

If the lessons are too easy or too hard, then login as a parent and click on "Change Levels" to request a change in levels or "Setup Assessments" if your student hasn't done his assessments already.

Starting a Lesson

  1. Student logs in.
  2. Click on the ‘Reading and Math’ icon.
  3. Choose "reading" or "math" and click.

The system automatically selects the lesson based on your child’s assessment and his previously completed lessons. Your child has no opportunity to continue to repeat ‘fun’ lessons he has already mastered, or to choose lessons at an inappropriate level. The process is automated and fail-safe, so that you do not have to supervise.

After each lesson segment, kids choose to ‘Stop’ or ‘Go’.

Lessons consist of a tutorial, one or more practice sessions and a quiz. After each part, the child will see our friendly crossing guard. If the child selects ‘Stop’, the lesson will stop. The next time your child starts a lesson, the system will return him to exactly where he was before.

What about K5 Spelling?

Easy. Just click on the icon on the student home page and the program will automatically start. You can also add spelling words and set preferences such as spelling goals, translation language and word grade levels.