Assigning Lessons

Lesson Library

In our lesson library, parents can preview and/or assign lessons to their child, for instance:

  • to give them extra help in an topic area
  • to give them extra practice in an area they are currently doing at school.

Note that parents don't have to create assignments to use K5. We've already setup lessons for your kids based on their grade levels and/or assessments.  Most families use only these preset lessons on K5.

Lists of our lessons can be downloaded here: K5 Reading - Lesson List    K5 Math - Lesson List

How to assign lessons

From the Parent Dashboard

  1. Click ‘Create Assignment' from the menu on the left side of the Parent Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Lesson Library" button.  Our Lesson Library will open in a new page.
  3. Click ‘View/Assign Lessons’ to preview or assign lessons.
  4. Choose the grade level of the lesson you are interested in and click on “math” or “reading” . To preview a lesson click on the lesson name and then click on the lesson segment; the segment will play in a miniature version.
  5. Select the lessons you want to assign by clicking the box next to those lessons.
  6. Click on “assign lessons” . Clicking on ‘view assignments’ allows you to delete any individual lessons you have assigned.

Your child will get the assignment automatically

The next time your child goes to do a reading or math lesson, he will see the assignment icon. Clicking on it will launch the lessons you have assigned your child. The icon will no longer appear when he has completed all of his assigned lessons.

The results of your child’s assignment will be included in his performance reports as for any other lesson.