Adding Spelling Words

How to Add Spelling Words

K5 Spelling automatically generates spelling words for your child based on their grade level and their past spelling quizzes. However, parents can easily add words, usually so their child can practice words for their school spelling test that week.

From the Parent Dashboard:

  1. Click on Add Spelling Words.
  2. Input your words and click on Submit.

Words that you add will be tested twice on different days before they are considered "learned".  If they are misspelled by your child, they become "practice words" and will be repeated at different times until they have been spelled correctly 3 times.  If you input a word that your child has already spelled correctly on K5, it will be skipped.

We recommend that you add words in small batches and allow the student to take several quizzes before adding new words; otherwise, the new words you enter may not appear for some time as they are cued behind words previously entered or misspelled.

Changing Other Spelling Options

If you wish you may change the following spelling options:

Grade Level – K5 Spelling is very efficient: when kids spell a word correctly the first time they never see it again. Starting at a lower grade level is a good option as kids can move through the words they know quickly (good for confidence) and also identify any lower level grade words they need practice on. As they progress, the system will move them automatically to more difficult words.

Language for Translations – you may want to use this option if your child knows or is learning a second language. A translation of each word spelled will be displayed.

Personal Goal – this option affects the actual words the system will choose for your child.

To set these spelling options, choose ‘Change Spelling Settings’ from beside your child’s name on the Parent Dashboard.