Follow your child's progress

Parents can track their children's progress through the K5 program.  Reports are available 24/7 through the Parent Dashboard.

K5 Learning reporting: spotlight on phonics

Assessment reports: the starting point

Most students complete our online reading and math assessments The assessment report estimates each child’s grade level equivalency in 8 reading and math sub-skills. We use the data to create your child’s personalized learning program.

Progress reports

Parents can see at a glance their child's progress in each reading and math skill.  Detailed reports are available showing each lesson completed and the scores on the related quizzes.

Progress Summary report from K5 online reading and math program.  

K5 SpellingSpelling: the words keep piling up

K5 Spelling proudly teaches spelling and builds vocabulary one word at a time.  The dashboard will give you a running total of how many words your child has learned.  Detailed reports are also available listing each word spelled and misspelled.