Parents can assign any K5 lesson at any time

Normally, K5 automatically chooses your child’s next reading or math lesson based on her assessment and past lessons. This ensures that lessons are done in the most beneficial sequence, and that kids don’t keep repeating ‘fun’ lessons or choose lessons at inappropriate levels. The system manages the lesson sequence, so that parents don’t have to.

However, sometimes you may want to study
- a particular topic he is studying in school that week
- a concept like ‘adding fractions’ he has trouble with

Parents can choose from hundreds of lessons and assign them to their child at any time. 

Assigning K5 Spelling words is easy

Kids often get weekly spelling lists from school. Parents can input these words into K5 Spelling in seconds. With a 150,000 word database, you can rest assured that K5 Spelling will have suitable sound files, sample sentences and definitions ready to go.

The next time your child uses K5 Spelling, he will be presented, one at a time, with the words you have entered. If he spells a word correctly the first time, then that word will not be quizzed again.

When a word is misspelled, hints are given until it is spelled correctly. Each misspelled word will be reintroduced each subsequent day until they have been spelled correctly (without hints) 3 times. Keep using K5 and your child will be breezing through his weekly spelling tests, as well as learning a lot of vocabulary.