Login Problems ?

About logging into K5 Learning:

  • Parents and students login on  the same  login page.
  • Parents have to logout before students login and visa versa !
  • Parents and students have different usernames and passwords !
  • Parent's usernames are their email addresses.

If you have forgotten your password:

  • Parents (not students!) can recover their password here (you have to be logged out first !)
  • Student passwords can be reset by the parent through the Parent Dashboard.

If you have forgotten your username:

  • A parent's username is his/her email address.
  • Parent's will see their children's usernames on the Parent Dashboard.

When I try to go to the login page, it says Access Denied

  • Someone is probably still logged into K5 on your computer !  Click "logout" in the upper right corner of the page, or close your browser (all windows) and then try the login page again.
  • Still having problems?  Contact Us.

More Help:

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