Lessons too Easy or Hard ?

Lessons are too easy or too hard ?

If the lessons are too easy or too hard, then login as a parent and either request an assessment (if one has not been done already) or a change in levels.   We can place students at an "early", "mid" or "late" level in each grade in each skill area.  For example, Johnny might be placed in "early grade 2" vocabulary and "mid grade 3 phonics".

Lesson Levels

Lessons are divided into

  • 5 reading skill areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension), and
  • 3 math skill areas (numbers & operations, geometry and measurement). 

Initially, kids are placed at their nominal grade level in each skill area.  If students complete an assessment, their placements are automatically adjusted to their assessed levels. We can make further adjustments manually.

What material is covered at each level ?

Our K5 Reading - Lesson Guide and K5 Math - Lesson Guide show the material covered in each skill area at each grade level.

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