Welcome members of Garden of Praise!

Welcome members of Garden of Praise!

Garden of Praise

What is K5 Learning?

K5 Learning is an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5.  Kids use K5 after-school and on weekends to build reading, math and study skills, and during the summer to avoid summer learning loss!

How does it work?

Kids work from home on our award winning online tutorials and activities.   Lessons are animated, interactive and follow school curriculums.  We offer a 14 day free trial (no credit card required).

What do I need?

Just a computer (desktop or laptop) and an internet connection.

Easy on ParentsK5 tutor

We designed K5 for busy families who take education seriously. K5 manages the study process so you don't have to.  Progress reports are available online.

What is the assessment for?

When starting K5, kids can complete free online reading & math assessments. This data is used to personalize your child’s learning program.

What makes K5 different?

  • We focus on learning, not entertainment. The elementary school years are critical in developing reading, numeracy and study skills.
  • Our system makes home study easy for parents.  We automatically select lessons, track progress and provide reports.

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Support Garden of Praise

Support Garden of Praise by entering GARDEN as your promotional code if you sign up for a free trial. (No discount applicable).

14 day Free Trial

  • Unresticted access to all lessons
  • Free reading and math assessments
  • No obligations / No credit card required

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