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Our lessons use Adobe's Flash Player.  Flash is already installed on 98% of desktop, laptop and Chromebook computers. Some browsers require Flash to be enabled for each website.

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If you see "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player", just click on the icon to enable the Flash player for K5 Learning.





If you are seeing a "missing plugin" message or "blank" lessons, then the browser you are using needs to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed or enabled.    Installing / enabling flash depends on which browser you are using:

Chrome:  If you are using Google's free Chrome browser, Flash is installed by default, and you shouldn't have to do anything other than enabling it by clicking on the "Enable Adobe Flash Player" icon when you see it.  You can also enable flash in Chrome by default for all websites; instructions are here.

Firefox:   If you are using Firefox, you may have to install or enable the Flash plugin.  You can download the plugin here.  If the plugin is installed but not enabled, see Enable Flash Player for Firefox.

Safari: If you are using Safari on a Max, please see Enable Flash Player for Safari.  You may need to download the Flash Player plugin.

Internet Explorer / Edge:  On Windows 8 and 10, the Flash Player is automatically integrated with Internet Explorer and the Edge browsers. 


If you are having difficulties, try Adobe's Flash Player Help page.  It includes a check to see whether Flash is installed on your computer.  If you are using a mobile device please read our mobile device FAQ.

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