FAQ - Logging In

Logging In
How do we login ?

Parents and students both login from the same login page; however, parents and students have separate usernames and passwords.  Remember, before parents can login, students must logout, and visa-versa.

If you are already logged on as a parent, you can also sign your child in by clicking the green 'Log Student In' button on the Parent Dashboard; in this case you will be logged out at the same time.

More help on logging in related problems (e.g. lost passowrds or usernames)  is available here.

I've forgotten my username!

Parent's usernames are their email addresses.

Parent's can check the usernames of their kids on the Parent Dashboard.

I've forgotten my password!

Parent's can reset their password from here.  Just enter the email address you used to create your K5 account in the username box; a new login link will be emailed to you.  Remember to check your spam filter.

**Note:  This password reset can only be used by parents for their parent accounts.  Kids passwords can be reset by parents through the Parent Dashboard (after logging in as a parent).

When I try to go the login page, it says 'Access Denied'

Someone is likely still logged into K5 on your computer!  Click "logout" on the upper-right corner of the page, or close your browser (all windows) and then try the login page again.

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