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Can my 4 year old use K5?

If your child can use a mouse, follow simple oral instructions or has played computer games then he/she  should have no problem. 4-year-olds start off by using the K5 Math and K5 Reading programs, where our assessment will place your child at an appropriate level. K5 Math Facts can be started after your child has a good grasp of the concept of addition, typically taught in grade 1. K5 Spelling is best for kids who have begun reading and have good phonics development – typically late grade 1 or early grade 2.

The optional worksheets which accompany each lesson may require some guidance from parents for younger students.

Not sure? Just try the 14-day free trial.

Does my child have to know how to read?

Children do not need to be readers to use K5. The lower level lessons are designed for non-readers with full audio instructions and support.

The custom worksheets which accompany each lesson will require some help from parents for non-readers.

How often should my child use K5?

The program is most effective when used with a regular schedule of at least 2 study sessions per week. Most families use K-5 between 2-4 times per week, though many kids use it on a daily basis. Frequent study sessions are better than longer ones.

The lessons are too hard! (or too easy!)

We can adjust the difficulty level of the lessons in each skill area either through our online assessment or following discussions with parents.  Check out this page for more information.

The lessons aren't showing up in the reports!

Each of our lessons are broken into several segments (interactive tutorial, one or more practice sessions and then a quiz). After each segment, the student sees our 'crossing guard' and is given a chance to stop or continue. This is done to break study sessions into smaller pieces. However, the progress reporting is not recorded until the quiz is done and the full lesson is completed. So sometimes a student completes a segment but parents can’t see any results in the reporting because the full lesson has not been completed.

The same lesson keeps repeating!

K5 Traffic CopEach lesson is broken into several segments (tutorial, one or more practice sessions and then a quiz). After each segment, the student sees our 'crossing guard' and is given a chance to stop or continue. Different segments of the same lesson may have the same look and feel but are actually different. If the student goes to the end of a segment without pausing and sees the “crossing guard”, then his next activity should always be a new segment. 

Always wait for the crossing guard.  Closing the window before he appears may cause the lesson to repeat.  After quizzes sometimes there is a short delay before the crossing guard appears.  Please be patient.

A lesson may "repeat" is the student stops the lesson before completing it or takes a long break during the lesson. There is an inactivity timeout when doing lessons. If the student doesn’t do anything (no clicks) for about an hour, the timeout will come into effect and the lesson segment will not be recorded by the system.  

Also, if a student completes a full lesson, but scores under 70% on the quiz, then the whole lesson (including tutorial and quiz) will repeat once. The student’s score on the lesson the 2nd time will be recorded, and, pass or fail, the student will proceed to the subsequent lesson.

Occasionally, lessons repeat due to problems with the user’s computer setup. If you are having problems, please check the following: ·

  • Check that your Flash is version 10 or higher by clicking here.  If you need to download the latest version of Flash, you can do that here.
  •  If you are using Internet Explorer, please ensure that your browser settings are set to “automatically check for newer versions” of stored pages. (Go to Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings).   
  • Clear your browser's cache. Directions for various browsers are here:  

If you are still having problems, please contact-us.

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