FAQ - Assessment

What is the assessment?

The assessment is an online evaluation of your child’s skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, reading comprehension, numbers and operations, geometry and measurement. We use the assessment to place your child at appropriate learning levels in each skill area.  More information is available in the Tips on Assessment section of our Getting Started Guide.

Why should my child do the assessment?

The assessment helps us to personalize our lessons for your child based on his or her skills. This ensures he or she gets lessons at an appropriate skill level in each skill area. Lessons that are too hard lead to frustration. Lessons that are too easy lead to boredom. We assess to make sure the lessons are at the right level.

How do we do the assessment?

An animated character will guide your child through the 100% online assessment. There is nothing to download or install. When your child answers a question correctly, the next question they receive will be harder. If they answer incorrectly, their next question will be easier. Eventually, each student will be placed at the appropriate level within each sub-skill.  Please see our tips on assessment and our  video tutorial on How to start an assessment.

How do I retrieve the assessment reports ?

Parents can retrieve assessment reports through the Parent Dashboard.  Our video tutorial How to get the assessment reports demonstrates the steps.

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