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App Developers Make Little Progress in Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

Child on mobile deviceThe Federal Trade Commission has released a report on our kids' online privacy and its title says it all: FTC's Second Kids' App Report Finds Little Progress in Addressing Privacy Concerns Surrounding Mobile Applications for Children. 

Only 20% of 400 of the most popular children’s apps available on Google and Apple platforms disclosed their data collection practices.  This is serious and parents should take note as these apps often transmit the phone number, precise location or unique serial code of mobile devices to developers, advertisers and companies. 

We feel very strongly about this and have taken every step to ensure K5 Learning does not share your child’s information with anybody.  Further, we don’t advertise to our students, nor do we provide them with chatrooms.  So, if a small company like us can do it, why can’t the bigger developers ensure that your kids are safe online too?

This article from the New York Times tells the full story.